About Us

We are located in Los Angeles, California. We take pride in working with local small businesses to help improve wearable safety practices. The founder of Our Way Is Better has been working in industrial settings her entire career. Here's how she came up with the idea for a virtual safety closet.

" After working in laboratories for 15 years and various manufacturing plants I have seen struggles to keeping up with all the employees and their Personal Protective Equipment needs. Problems with storage and waste plus restocking the shelves every three to six months can be a time-consuming problem. In the lab one day year 2020, I was handed my 3rd pair of gloves that I did not need, I thought to myself "I could save this company some money".

At Our Way Is Better we aim to save you money on your Personal Protective Equipment purchases by getting to know your employees needs, directly from the employee through an application. You will no longer have to worry about storing or distributing large quantities of PPE. We aim to save you a few pennies by eliminating unnecessary costs. We hope to save you some space and time.

We work directly with safety officials. Store, deliver, and distribute your safety products. The employee only need download the application and select the PPE they need out of the menu picked by you. Our Way Is Better because we keep track of your pennies, waste, & unnecessary costs

Please consider delegating your PPE closet to Our Way Is Better.